As a small girl, working in her grandfather's sweater factory, Pui-lan had dreams of being an  artist. Starting first with pieces of charcoal as a medium, she would put the visions in her mind to paper.   A visit to a local Art Museum in her early school years solidified her dream.  Becoming a Fashion Merchandiser as an adult allowed Pui-Lan to finance an extensive education in Chinese Ink brush Watercolor painting as well as frequent travels throughout China and Asia where she saw first hand the people and culture that have been a part of Chinese art for thousands of years.


 After years of studied, Pui-Lan has obtained four degrees in Oriental paintings, one from the International School of Art in 1985 and three from the University of Hong Kong,   Pui-Lan came from Hong Kong to the United States in 1995, and started her career in Art 1996  as well as an established studio at the d'Art Center in Norfolk VA for 15 years, and for the over years, she has enjoyed sharing her work at prestigious Art Festivals throughout the United States and accumulated a growing list of national and international patrons.

All painting are original watercolor painting use inks and bamboo brushes  created on premium watercolor paper, which allows the complexity of the brush stroke to give each painting it’s own unique characteristics.  Each painting is embellished with Chinese calligraphy that defines Pui-Lan's spirit in the traditional style of oriental painting.